NORSE is just gaining wider medical recognition.  Currently, there are no major funding grants available for the specific study of NORSE.  This fundamental research depends on seed money from individuals. 

The NORSE Institute is partnering with the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), a national, non-profit coalition of patient advocacy groups of rare disorders, to raise money for NORSE research.  The link below allows tax-deductible donations to be made directly into an account for NORSE research at NORD.  


Each time the funds in this NORSE account go above $35,000, NORD will issue an international request for proposals on the topic of NORSE. NORD will review and grant the money to the most deserving NORSE investigator(s).  The NORSE Institute has chosen to have all donations made on our site go directly to this unbiased and open process to support the most promising research on NORSE.  

Thank you for your donation to NORSE research!