NORSE Diagnostic Checklist

Disclaimer: This is a sample of suggested tests to investigate NORSE.  It does not claim to be a complete list of tests to be done.  The NORSE Institute is grateful to its Medical Advisory Board and to Dr Shivani Ghoshal for developing this NORSE checklist. (Last update: 10/31/18.) Comments are welcome.  Use Contact page.


Sample Treatment Algorithm 

Disclaimer: This is a sample treatment algorithm for generalized convulsive status epilepticus in adults and children.  Modifications and updates will be made.  The NORSE Institute is grateful to Dr Kent Owusu and Yale New Haven Health, Departments of Pharmacy and Neurology for allowing us to post their treatment algorithm. (Last update: 10/31/18.)


Consensus Definitions of NORSE and FIRES

Febrile Infection-related Epilepsy Syndrome (FIRES) is now considered a subcategory of NORSE. See abstract below: